alkaline diet guidebook

Alkaline Diet Gudiebook (eBook)

To support you on your journey

 The impacts of eating too much acid-forming food (sugar, sweet things, processed foods, tea, coffee) can range from lesser health issues such as fatigue and skin problems, right the way through to cancer.  Find out more about how to keep your body’s pH on the right side of alkaline, and improve your health.

400+ Foods by Alkalinity / Acidity

Possibly the biggest alkaline / acidic list on the internet

Did you know that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment?  ensuring our body’s pH remains at the right level, is a great way to ensure our wellbeing and health.

To find out which foods are alkaline and which acidic, I’ve put together a list of over 400 foods.  If you bookmark this page you can come back and refer to it as and when you need to check a food eg when deciding on what to eat / cook, or buy.

Let food be your medicine and medicine thy food.” – Hippocrates