Bird & Animal Web Cams – Live & Recorded

Bird & Animal Web Cams

If you are an animal-lover then this post is for you – videos of birds and animals live on web cam, and some recorded. With the live cams, it cannot be guaranteed that a web cam that is live today will still be live at the time you watch. But even the recorded ones are great to watch.

Sometimes when I want to relax and empty the head chatter, and am not in nature, I watch these cams. They always soothe and refresh the vibrations.


*** Apologies, some videos below may have been taken down by the time you watch, or are no longer live, but I have added a few recent ones – Jan 2020 ***

This video is a recording but a lovely one – see the beautiful scenery through an eagle’s viewpoint!


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Reena Gagneja

Reena Gagneja is a Soul Plan Practitioner and Spiritual Counsellor with a focus on Non-Duality / Vedanta.

She is committed to the path of Self-realization, and helping others on their emotional healing and spiritual awakening journey.
Reena Gagneja
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