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Do you run a holistic business? If so, this is for you. You can get a free backlink for holistic offerings by adding a comment with details of your holistic website.

You can list any holistic website in the comments below, including your url and USPs or a few key points.  So if you run a holistic / spiritual / wellness business then pop your website address in the comments below to help increase its online visibility.  All I would ask is that your business is not directly competing with what is offered on this site.

Readers of this blog get to access to other offerings, this site gets more content (comments) and you get a free backlink.  A win-win for all.

All comments fitting with the above guidelines will be approved.  

Oh, and having one of those ‘doh’ moments I suddenly remembered my previous similar post, ‘Promote Yourself and get a Backlink which is also still available, so feel free to add your link to both!


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