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I’ve been feeling drained of late. A slow-to-leave bug / cold has obviously not helped, but it is more than that. A personal issue has also left me feeling even more tired and has, in many ways, been a microcosm of challenges playing out in the wider world.

As you may know, previously I blogged about feeling tired of channelled messages spewing out the same old promises. I’ve begun to feel the same way about the Benjamin Fulfords and the David Wilcox for the same reason, plus the debates and opinions this type of info seems to rouse lead to no real conclusions, or facts. This type of truth-information feels like noise in an already noisy world and I question what value I am providing by spewing it out as if on auto-cue.

One looks externally to these ‘prophets-of-good-news.’ One awaits the revolution. But in fact, the real revolution is an inner one, much more immediate, and right here where we are in this very moment itself.

As I’ve grown tired of the daily challenges placed upon the so-called 99% by the agenda of the so-called 1% (as indeed have many millions), what I have found more tiring is the absence of recognition of this very same agenda within people themselves – in a real sense. ‘Real sense’ means – one’s own ego, greed, desire for power, desire to be right etc. It’s in all of us this agenda, till we awaken to it, and own it.
Whilst more people are indeed beginning to awaken from within, for most / many this awakening is to do with externals – awakening to the greed and corruption meted out on the many by the few. This is awakening to the other side of the coin, but not to the coin itself. It is simply not enough to awaken to the elite’s agenda, one has to awaken to one’s own agenda.

The majority of people live inside their mental judgments and opinions and believe they are the way they think they are, believe the world is the way they think it is. And all the while, they ignore what is actually occurring within them, as well as the real impact they have on others in what they say and do, and how they say it. Yes, the ‘what is’ can be uncomfortable, but to fail to find the courage to do the inner work, to learn how to quieten the noise in the head, means you miss the possibilities possible between people for real discourse, real creativity and real bonding.

When I feel this way, I come back to what I know to be the real truthers – Jiddu Krishnamurti for example, and here are two videos below. The real revolution is truly the inner one.


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