WordPress & SEO Coaching by Skype
£60 Per Session

wordpress skype coachingDo you want to start your own WordPress blog?

Are you unsure of how to get an existing WordPress website to perform better?
Do you want to learn the key SEO tasks to help get more traffic to your blog?

My WordPress & SEO coaching sessions via Skype will enable you to be trained in areas you are lacking experience in and to become adept at managing your own website.  The training is for you as a user or administrator of a WordPress website.

Coaching sessions are via Skype video, with screen sharing if bandwidths allow – you will share your screen with your WordPress dashboard wherever possible.

Sessions are tailored to your specific requirements.  In the first instance please message me via the contact form to discuss your training requirements and specific questions, so we can ensure all your questions can be covered in the available time, and so we create maximum value in your session.

I have over 11 years of WordPress & SEO hands-on experience.  I have worked in roles such as Digital Marketing Manager, Head of Marketing and Marketing Manager across several industries, and in total I have launched or managed the launch of some 25-30 websites from start to finish.  Alongside, I have run my own personal WordPress blog for over 10 years.

wordpress skype coachingReady to book WordPress Coaching?

Take your website to the next level!
£60 per session

When could a WordPress & SEO coaching session benefit me?

You may need or wish to…

  • Get your WordPress website launched quickly, but there are several areas you are unsure of.
  • Start a new WordPress website but don’t know where to start.
  • Increase traffic to your website, but are not sure which tasks will make the most difference.
  • Create a keyword and SEO plan, but don’t know how to do keyword research or understand SEO.
  • Make a decision about whether to keep an existing site or start a new one, and would like to know how to best evaluate this.
  • Learn the fundamentals of working with the WordPress dashboard.
  • How to set up a mailing list process.

Which areas of WordPress can you help me with?

I can help with training you on the below areas:

  • Website build and launch A-Z:  from starting with a brand new domain and website, to launching the brand, and tracking results on an ongoing basis.
  • Domain evaluation / selection/registering: there is an art to choosing the right sort of domain for maximum success.
  • CMS / website platform selection: is WordPress the right one for you?  I have experience of multiple CMSs including WordPress, Magento, Easysite, Sitecore, Joomla, custom.
  • Deciding the website structure, navigation and design, bearing in mind UX, CRO and SEO requirements.
  • Selecting and working with web designers for maximum effectiveness and speed.
  • Website migration pitfalls to watch out for, including preventing a loss of traffic and search rankings.
  • SEO and Social Media – setup, strategy, best practice, tips, tools.
  • Content management: strategy, staying ‘on brand’, consistency, frequency.
  • Speed improvements – how to improve the speed of your site, a critical factor for any site nowadays.
  • GDPR requirements for your website: this is a minefield of regulations and requirements.  Learn how to stay on the right side of GDPR.
  • Tracking results: I will show you how to track as much activity as possible so that you can judge your own return on investment (ROI).
  • Hosting: I can provide advice about changing host, and how to choose a good host.
  • Ongoing maintenance tasks of websites.
  • Other areas – please ask.

WordPress Coaching FAQs

What’s the benefit of coaching when I can just Google all my questions?

Of course you can spend time Googling answers and ‘How To’s’ and in the end you could train yourself on WordPress.  I definitely recommend such ongoing learning, in any event, though watch out for information overwhelm…

However, the advantage of having personal coaching sessions with me is that each session is tailored to your very specific needs which can save hours of your time surfing online.  For example, you may have an urgent requirement to get a website launched soon, but your skillset has some gaps and you need a helping hand that will get you to your goal quicker.  Surfing online could be very time-consuming.  So coaching is like a fast track to getting skilled up yourself with WordPress and running a website.

Which areas of WordPress are you not able to help with?

  • Technical matters including PHP, advanced HTML, advanced CSS and other coding.  These are for a web developer to do, but I can guide you in how to manage this process, and can also recommend some reliable web development partners.
  • Managing the server end / CPanel – including backups, tools such as security and caching.

Who can benefit from WordPress coaching sessions?

People in the following categories can benefit:

  • WordPress beginners.
  • If you need an overview of how the WordPress platform is laid out and the basics of how it works.
  • If you need to understand how to implement best SEO practices for your site’s content.
  • If you need help with working out the best keywords for your site’s pages.
  • If your traffic is not increasing and you wish to work out why.
  • If you require general online business / marketing / website consultancy.

What is covered in a session?

Since 1 hour flies by quickly in a session, the best way is for each session to address specific questions and learning areas you have.  So please message me via the contact form in the first instance (before booking) as to the questions, tasks and challenges you would like addressing.  This will give me the opportunity to assess if I can assist with all your questions within a session, so that each session can provide the maximum value for you.

Ok, I’m ready.  How do I book a WordPress Skype coaching session?

If we have emailed each other to discuss your requirements, please click on the below button and go through the steps of scheduling a date/time and payment.  I look forward to the session with you.


Thank you for your interest.

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