I haven’t blogged so much lately – as you know. I think this trend could continue for a bit. Sometimes it’s like there is nothing to say, and sometimes when I start writing a blog post, eg on my mobile phone, life seems to get in the way of doing it proper justice later.
And then there’s the festive season – the time to get busy with shopping, wrapping presents and getting winter colds (one’s coming on right now, now where’s that tissue…)
Mind you, that’s if we get past 21st December….course by the 22nd we’ll all be in some parallel reality of higher dimensional proportions won’t we. And in this reality there will be no need for xmas – yay! And no xmas gift shopping and wrapping. Now that will be bliss.
Or the world’s going to end on 21st Dec. If so, then just enjoy the next few days!
Okay…..I’ll catch you on the 22nd or after 🙂
I happened to read some of the messages I used to read and blog about previously – poofness, Steve Beckow’s long lists of new age type posts and one or two others. Poof was still saying the same ole sh*t – oops I meant to say stuff. LOL. Good ole Poof. You know, if any of these prosperity packages come into my lap, I’ll certainly let you know, if I am allowed to that is, in between my pims on a beach somewhere…………;) And Steve Beckow’s stuff – well, much of this info is based upon some major assumptions, one being that we are going to ‘ascend.’ And what that actually is – there is no consensus.
Ascension doesn’t really interest me anymore. It’s yet another goal in a future that never ever arrives. But what I do know is that energy is for real. Everything is energetic appearing as something in the physical or seemingly controllable realm. But you can’t control energy through the mind. I do however feel that it can shift through heart-based sincere intention. Energy just has to be sensed. Energetic shifts most definitely occur, all the time in fact, and more impactful ones occur too at certain points. The Winter Solstice is one on the same awaited date – 21st December. Like an energetic door opening. You just have to be open to the more subtle side of life if you want to really sense energy and its shifts within your own body-mind.
Most people don’t think of energy in this way, at this time of year it’s all about the roles people have and looking good with family and friends.
Around New Year, I’ll be spending some time in a more meditative mode. I think the end of the year brings on people’s deeper thinking, but releasing thinking is where the energetic shifts really occur.
Whatever this festive season is like for you, whether festive or not, enjoy. Don’t worry about 21st Dec – you’ll still be visiting this blog! And if it all does go into some other situation – I’ll meet you there!
Happy Holidays.
Comments, as always, welcome.
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