Soul Plan Readings

What if your life had an overall plan that included your going through the very challenges you are faced with?

What if the plan could guide you in the direction most likely to help you feel fulfilled?

This plan is your Soul Plan. 

Transformational, illuminating and healing, your Soul Plan Reading is a compass for your life.  Soul Plan reading is a remarkably powerful and uncannily accurate system of life purpose analysis, guidance and healing. Having your plan read creates a high vibrational resonance as Soul Plan is a living system, which can activate and catalyze your innate potential. Reconnect with your True Life Purpose!

Life Purpose Soul Plan Reading

This is the standard Soul Plan Reading, providing you with an interpretation of your current incarnation’s Soul Plan.  This includes your specific gifts, lessons you are here to learn, your life’s goals and your soul destiny.

A Soul Plan reading is like the blueprint of your soul – a map to living in peace with yourself and mastering what you came here for.

Align with your Soul Plan and become empowered!

The cost of a Life Purpose Soul Plan reading is £120.

mini soul plan reading

NEW! Mini Reading

New!  A mini Soul Plan Reading (Life Purpose) is suitable for anyone who prefers to receive their Soul Plan reading by email, rather than committing to a full Soul Plan Reading sessionA mini reading provides you with all key aspects of your Soul Plan.  It also provides a brief interpretation of each aspect.  

After receiving your reading by email, if you wish to have a full Soul Plan Reading session with me the cost of the mini reading will be deducted so you will not pay more! 

The cost of a MINI Soul Plan reading is £45. 

baby names soul plan reading

Baby Names Reading

Two names you have in mind for your baby will be analysed for Soul Plan purposes.  A Soul Plan reading for baby names, can help you choose the optimal name so your baby has a great start in life.  From a Soul Plan perspective, selecting your baby’s name is a very important step, as it will set in motion the energies and situations that will mold his/her entire life. The reading will also provide an in-depth understanding of your child to help improve family dynamics, and so you can help them develop their potential.

The cost of a Baby Names reading is £120.

reena gagneja

About Reena

Being on a spiritual quest for many years now, and following an inner awakening about 12 years ago, a natural commitment to the path of realizing Truth arose, and this path found greatest affinity with Vedanta / Non-Duality.

I offer Soul Plan Readings including the new “MINI” Soul Plan Reading for those who would like to find out their Soul Plan, but prefer not to book a session.  I also offer WordPress coaching.  Sessions are via Skype, phone or in-person in SE23, London.

To find out more about my journey so far, click here.

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Why do we have a Soul Plan?

Most of us had many incarnations. Due to freewill, we have created many different scenarios with others. All karmic situations must eventually be balanced. These can go back eons of time, and can be played out at any time when it is appropriate. Your reason for going through duality is to learn lessons. Thus a Soul Plan is agreed by our Higher Self (Soul) in conjunction with our Guides, Angels and others, so that we may learn whatever lessons we choose in the forthcoming incarnation, as well as utilise talents and achieve goals (again, which we agree on beforehand).

Why Is It Important To Know Your Soul Plan?

A Soul Plan is like a compass for what you yourself (at Soul level) agreed for this life. This is not always obvious to us, although we will sometimes be drawn towards a particular direction, or be repelled by certain directions or situations. However a reading will lay it on the table for you, as it were. It is important to be aligned with our plan for this life as we then have a better chance of fulfilling that for which we came into this life. Not only that a reading clarifies much, and is usually transformative and healing.

What’s the Background to Soul Plan Readings?

The numerology of Moses (despite the biblical name) is a system of non religious life purpose guidance. Individual readings are based on the sound vibration of your birth name (as it appears on your birth certificate). The name that we are given at birth holds the resonance of a certain sound which in turn attracts to us all that we need to experience in order to learn our lessons, achieve our goals and optimise our talents.

Can I Have a Reading For My Child?

Yes, definitely. A Soul Plan Reading can also be beneficial for a child as it can help parents with a deeper understanding of any issues with their child, and why they behave in certain ways. This can then help to harmonise situations, understand family dynamics better, and have greater compassion. A reading will also show parents what their child’s goals and talents are, thus this can assist when guiding them in which direction to take in life as they move into adulthood.

How Long Does A Reading Take?

Readings take 1 hour to provide plus preparation of approx 1-2 hours. For telephone readings, in most cases you would call me.

Can I Give A Reading As a Gift?

Yes. If you wish to purchase a give of a Soul Plan Reading, please pay for the reading, and email me with the name of the person you are gifting, so that when they contact me I will know payment has already been made. Gifts are to be used within 24 months of payment.

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